Bexley College

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Corporation, Committees & Minutes

The Corporation is responsible for the overall functioning of the College.


In general terms, it is responsible for the quality of service that the College offers to learners and the local community, as well as the College’s financial health and strategic direction.

The Corporation comprises 10 members (plus 2 Student Governors) drawn from a range of backgrounds and experience. The membership reflects the varied communities which the College serves.

The Corporation is a large team with a broad blend of skills. The Corporation meets monthly to consider strategic developments, systematic monitoring of College and Management performance and prescribed compliance reports. The thrust of the Corporation’s work is outward looking and primarily future orientated in forming strategies as well as providing accountability for past activities of the College.

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The following Committees assist the Corporation in carrying out it’s work

Audit Committee

The objective of the Audit Committee is to advise the Corporation on the college’s systems of internal control, risk management and (corporate) governance arrangements.

The scope of the Committee’s work includes working to continuously improve the effectiveness of the College’s internal controls and increasing public confidence in the objectivity and fairness of the Corporation’s financial reports and in the quality of the College’s overall corporate governance.

The Committee also advises the Corporation on the appointments of the College’s internal and financial statements auditors. The work of the Audit Committee is undertaken through a schedule of reviews covering such as the College’s financial statements, the way in which the financial management process operates, student record information, franchising, and a range of other areas.

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Governance & Search Committee

The role of the Governance & Search Committee is to advise the Corporation on the appointment of new members. It also deals with the re-appointment of serving Corporation Members whose term of office is coming to an end.

The Committee treats appointments to the Corporation in the same way in which a vacant job in the College might be filled – the Committee receives applications, interviews candidates and makes a recommendation to the Corporation on appointments.

The Committee also reviews all governance arrangements and oversees the annual governance self-assessment report undertaken by the Corporation.

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